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Monday Marathon Musings

Week 26

Last Week's Miles: 23

This Week's Miles: 19

Miles Completed: 323

Pounds Lost: 3

You might remember that last week I found myself with a 12 mile day. It was hard. I am not going to lie to anyone. But I did it! I was sore- really sore- on into the next day, but it wasn't as bad as I had thought it might be. Turns out all this walking IS making a difference with my health and my body...even if it isn't impacting the scales much. I finished the 12 miles in plenty of time to make my goal of 5 hours...(really I finished in time to pretty much make my goal of 4.5hours). I know that it may be slower on THE DAY because of the logistics of everyone starting off together, but I am excited and can't wait until Dec.6 is here.


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