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Monday Marathon Musings

Week 22

Last Week's Miles: 23
This Week's Miles: 19
Miles Completed: 255
Pounds Lost: 3

Again it is not Monday. But a girl does what a girl can do. Well, last week went well. I had read the training schedule wrong so instead of 9 miles on Saturday; I only had to do 7 miles. It was like getting a Christmas present.

My body is changing so much, but the weight is not budging. My clothes fit differently. I can see the muscles in my butt and my legs changing. These are things that I feel good about; however, the numbers on the scale would also be a nice benefit. I am not complaining though. I want to be healthy. I am accomplishing that goal. All else is vanity and I can deal with that differently.

I find myself wishing the run was in November instead of December. I am finding that there are too many weeks left and I am not really focused on what schedule to follow for each week. (I have only 3 weeks left on my training schedule. I have to start repeating some or something.)


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