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From The Boy's student teacher. The class decorated their white lunch bags for Valentine's Day yesterday.

Ms. Teacher to Be: What are you drawing?

The Boy: A machine.

Ms. Teacher to Be: What does the machine do?

The Boy: It sucks all the bad up. So everything is good. This is a robot. But he is a good robot cause everything is good now.

My son, the inventor. I pray that this will be his addition to our world. To suck all the bad away, so everything will be good. Out of the mouths of babes.

Jason takes The Boy to school each morning. The ride takes 7 minutes max. Their conversations are often hilarious. Here are two from Monday morning.

(Upon seeing something puddled on the side of the road.)
The Boy: "Hey, Daddy, somebody left their shirt on the side of the road. That's weird."
Daddy: "That wasn't a shirt. It was a dead cat."
The Boy: "I don't think so."
Daddy: "Buddy, I am positive. It was a dead cat."
The Boy: "Oh. That's too bad. It would have made a pretty shirt."

Moments Pass.

The Boy: "Is today my soccer day?"
Daddy: "Nope. Remember soccer starts on March 9. You still have a few weeks before you start playing again."
The Boy: "Whew. That's good. I need to start exercising."

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