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OK. My husband has been on a business trip for 6 days now. I know that the stress of single parenting is taking its toll because this morning I believe I may be losing my mind. Last night, bath time was not the normal joy it usually is in our house. Both my boys were very tired. The Boy, my 4 year old, was acting sick. He wanted to lay down and watch his movie that he was promised. So, I got him out and dried him off. Not being able to leave my 18 month old, Bitty, in the tub; I sent the towel wrapped Boy into the living room to start the movie on his own. Bitty played for awhile by himself. Then he wanted to get out of the tub. I got him out and dried him off. Realizing that I had forgotten to unstop the drain, I resigned myself to cleaning the bathroom after the boys were in bed. So, I left the bathroom. The later events of the night are pretty irrelevant. Except to say that the boys got to bed and I forgot my chore of cleaning the bathroom and tub. Oops.

Skip to this morning. The house was full of chaos as it is everyday that I have to take The Boy to school. My husband does this easily on the way to work. I, however, have to get everyone ready and loaded into the car. He is never there in time for breakfast on days when Mommy has to drop him off. ( I would like to note here that it scares me next year when it is actual school and he will be counted tardy for my inability to perform the morning duties efficiently.) Back to the story at hand, we go into the bathroom for the morning vitamin and tooth brushing. What do I find? The bathtub full of water? The towels everywhere? The towels are everywhere, but the bathtub is strangely only partially filled with water. This is odd because now I remember that I forgot to clean up the bathroom & tub. Here's the real challenge. There is poop in the bathtub! What?!? When did that happen? Am I that clueless of a mother? I don't think so. I have decided that those tiny elves that refuse to clean my kitchen have begun to play cruel bathroom jokes on me.

Husband returns in 5 day.


This is my first post to my new blog. This is only a test post. Look for more exciting posts later.

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