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Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusting has been a popular game in our home for the last week or so. The boys just watched the movie and are now busting the ghosts that have apparently taken up residence in and around our house.

Today, the boys were outside playing Ghostbusters. They would ride around in the Gator and stop to bust some ghosts. This is a sampling of their conversation.

(Bitty got back into the Gator.)

The Boy: No, Bitty, we still have to bust the ghosts.

Bitty: (running over)

The Boy: We have to go to the hot dog shop. Hurry.

Bitty: Over Here!

The Boy: No, that is not where the ghost is.

Mommy: Can't the ghost be where he wants it just this once?

The Boy: No, the ghost is over here. Hurry. The hot dog shop!

Bitty: I like hot dogs.

Mommy: ( Really? You never eat them. Never in your whole life have I gotten you to even try a hot dog or anything resembling a hot dog.)

The Boy: We aren't going to eat hot dogs. There is a ghost.

Bitty: We no eat hot dogs?

The Boys: No. GHOST!!!!!!!!!

Boys: (running and making ghostbusting sounds.)

I love having boys. They are the best!

* I do apologize for those of you that now have the Ghostbuster theme song stuck in your head. Extra points to anyone who can name the artist who sings the theme song. No fair cheating with the internet.


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