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The Greatness of Greg

Jase and I are very lucky. We have great families. Loving. Supportive. Wonderful families. Today I am going to tell of the greatness of my father in law, Greg. There are many things about him that are great. He is kind and generous. He always thinks of others before himself. He loves flowers, animals, and his family.

Let me tell you a story about this Great Man...

Yesterday, I called several automotive repair shops to find someone to repair my car's window. (The motor is broken.) My research found a shop that would do the repair for $580. It was expensive, but I booked an appointment. My mother in law and her mother came over for dinner last night. The repair came up in conversation. An hour after they left, Greg called me with an eBay item number. He had found the part we needed. Also, if we could wait until he returned from his trip to Florida*, then he could probably put it in for us. If we couldn't wait, then a service shop could install it for around $100. He has taken the time to use his expertise and saved our family somewhere between $430 and $530.

*His trip to Florida is also a testament to his greatness. He and my mother in law** are heading down to Destin to help my brother and sister in law with their new house. They are going down to help build a fence and help unpack.

** My mother in law is a pretty awesome person as well.

This is just an example. There could be hundreds told by his family. He is exceptional. He is a great man. I am grateful that this Great Man raised my husband to be a Great Man. I pray that my sons learn the lessons these Great Men are teaching them.


Florida is a beautiful place for family holiday trips, I love to plan my holiday trips there.

October 22, 2008 at 2:07 AM  

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