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Week 21

Last Week's Miles: 50 (last 3 weeks)
This Week's Miles: 25
Miles Completed: 232
Pounds Lost: 3

Ok. I realize today is Friday not Monday, but a girl has to catch up when she can. We have been busy these last few weeks. My grandmama passed away. We went on a long-weekend escape. Virtually everyone in the house has been sick at least once. Luckily, mine is a worn down feeling so I was able to continue my miles. I have a little over 2 months until my half marathon. We have booked our hotel. I have even booked our condo for my next half in April. I feel confident. I know that even if the race was held in 2 weeks that I could be ready.

I am getting up at 3am and 4 am (yes, AM) in order to get my long runs done in the morning. I don't do as well if I leave them to afternoon. I don't do them if I leave them to evening/night. So, I have been an early riser and getting over 5 miles done before sunrise.

Funniest Tidbit: When going on vacation, always remember your running shoes. My running shoes live upstairs in the room where my treadmill is located. I remembered all of my running/walking paraphernalia except the shoes. I did do my minimum number of miles/workout. In slippers. Yes, house shoes. I walked 3 miles at my minimum not allowed to go any slower speed. (This is my own benchmark.) Also, I did an hour on the elliptical and the bike for my extra workout for the week. You should not do that...EVER. My calves were on FIRE after the treadmill work. Always remember your shoes.

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