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Got Wii?

Grandpa Playing isn't just for the kids!

If you are in need of a Wii, check out this giveaway. If you aren't, check out her website. She posts great deals on natural items.

6 boxes Green Giant Chopped Spinach
1 pkg Betty Crocker Warm Delights mini
2 pouches Idahoan Potatoes
2 cans Dole Pineapple Tidbits

Total Before Sales and Coupons: 22.94
Savings: 17.38
Total After Sales and Coupons: 5.56 (78% Savings)
I had coupons for everything I bought. I had printable coupons for everything. (I also used one e-coupon that had previously been saved to my KrogerPlus card.)

I have a confession to make. I have been adding a new store to my docket for that last three weeks. I started off slow with just a few items that were on sale to see how it works. You know what - I love this store. It is a near perfect experience every time I walk into the doors. The sales clerks are nice and never bat an eye at my coupons. The stockers are TREMENDOUSLY helpful. Each week, there has been something on my list not out on the shelves. Each time I inquired with an employee about the item. You know what happened - they were friendly, apologetic, and super nice. But the real kicker is this...they went to FIND the item for me. Gasp! This almost never happens at the SuperCenter that I shopped at before I started couponing. The store? Publix.

Here's another reason to love Publix.

8 boxes of Celestial Seasonings Green Tea (decaf)
3 boxes of Lipton tea
4 bags of Green Giant Steamers Broccoli/Cheese
2 bags of Green Giant Steamers Corn
2 boxes of Chungs Egg Rolls
1 box of Chungs Mini-Egg Rolls
3 pkgs of Musselman's Natural Apple Sauce

Total Before Sales and Coupons: 70.62
Savings (Sales and Coupons): 54.98
Total after Sales/Coupons: 15.64 ( 78% Savings)

I had coupons for all but one item in my cart. Some were printable. Some were from the Sunday paper. I am looking forward to learning more about how to get the best deals at Publix.

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