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Happy Halloween

A friend of mine once said, "A good blogger posts about her kids' Halloween costume. A GREAT blogger thinks to take pictures early so she can share them ON Halloween." (OK, she said in on Friday.)

I guess that would make me what....a mediocre blogger since I am posting about their costumes with pictures, but three days late.

I can live with that.

This year both of my boys had very distinct feelings as to what costume they wanted. It was interesting to hear them tell me ages ago and to keep with it through the hub bub of the Halloween season. The Boy wanted to be Bumblebee. No, not A bumblebee. But Bumblebee the Transformer. He was so excited and loved his costume so much. It made it worth the fact that I had to buy the most expensive Transformer costume in town because the cheaper versions ran small.
Bitty wanted to be a Blue Power Ranger. This is funny. The Boy loves the Red Ranger. He has a Red Ranger costume. He has Red Ranger action figures (leftovers from his Uncle Bubba). We don't have a single Blue Ranger item in the house. We don't have the movies. We don't watch the shows. When they go to their NeeNee Ma and Papa's house, they watch Uncle Bubba's old Power Ranger movie. But this is not a common occurrence. So, while Power Ranger play is big in our house, it never involves the Blue one. So it gave me pause when he was specific in his wants. That is our Bitty though, he knows what he wants. He is almost never indecisive.
The jack-o-lanterns were designed by both Bitty and the Boy. We let the boys draw the faces on the pumpkins with crayons. Then, Jason and I carved the pumpkins according to the drawings. Jason let The Boy help with some of the less complicated, less sharp knife-work. Bitty watched and stabbed his pumpkin with a butter knife a few times. The Boy's pumpkin is on the left. (The Boy's pumpkin had an accident on the way home from the pumpkin patch. someone who loaded or unloaded it from the bus dropped it and it had a small crack that grew and grew until it caved. It was still very scary.) Bitty's is on the right.


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