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Week 17

Last Week's Miles: 21
This Week's Miles: 15
Miles Completed: 167
Pounds Lost: 3

Our house is in a chaotic state right now. The Boy is battling his first virus since starting school and has been running me ragged since Thursday. So, I am tired. My grandmama is not doing very well and probably will pass away in the next few days. I went to see her twice last week. (It is a 2hour drive or I would have been there more often.) Plus, this weekend we have super big spectacular Labor Day plans that are looking like they will have to be cancelled or postponed depending on when the events unfold. So, I am giving myself a reprieve on my training. My goal is to do 5 days and at least 3 miles each day. We shall see how the week goes.

I enjoy saving electricity. It makes my power bill a little cheaper and it doesn't feel so wasteful. I try to do a good job of teaching the boys not to be wasteful as well. I am miserably failing when it comes to Bitty. You see he is now getting tall enough to turn the light switches on/off by himself. He adores turning the lights on. I really usually don't mind this because he is typically in the room in which this lights on/off thing is happening. Lately, though, he has become sneaky. His favorite two switches are the garage light and the outside floodlight. How am I suppose to know that they lights are on all day, I ask you? I have now become obsessed with checking these switches all day long.

Bitty is funny. He lights up the room when he dances and sings. He is shy when being recorded, though. Today, he was singing and dancing the "Hot Dog" song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I grabbed my camera and hit record. The video I got was a boy staring at me blankly. He only spoke once when he said, "No dance, my mommy." I am going to have to get a hidden camera to catch this child off guard.

Week 16

Last Week's Miles: 16 (missed one day)
This Week's Miles: 21
Miles Completed: 146
Pounds Lost: 1

Four months. I have changed so much in the last four months. Jason and I were discussing my training for the week. I missed one day of training because I was called away to help a friend in need. Since it was the end of the week, I had no "extra" days where I could make it up. I told Jason, "Well, I am just happy that it was my short run day." Jason looked at me and said, "Aren't you proud that you consider 3 miles a short run day?" And I am. Four months ago, I would have never uttered that statement. Now, when Jason asks if I am going to just go down to 4 miles a day after my half is over, I get weird and shrug. Weird because I really can't see just doing 4 miles a day and really feeling like I am being active. I am already looking at April and considering signing up for my second half. The Country Music Marathon looks very enticing. I love Nashville and know just the place for my Friday night carb load. Demos' is my favorite. You should try it next time you are in Nashville. So, this week is a week of hope. I am not as tired as I thought I would be, but I do feel better than I thought I would.

Week 15

Last Week's Miles: 17
This Week's Miles: 19
Miles Completed: 130
Pounds Lost: 0

I have decided that I can make the training easier if I do a breathing treatment the night before. Problem is that I never remember in time to do the nebulizer treatment before my bedtime. Saturday I found myself doing the treatment while on the treadmill. I used my son's dinosaur mask so that I didn't have to hold onto the apparatus. Believe me, I was a sight to see. Luckily, my husband didn't have access to a camera.

The Boy is officially a member of the school age group. We dropped him off to his kindergarten classroom this morning. We can do this for 2 weeks and then we are relegated to dropping him off behind the school where he will have to navigate the halls himself. My mother's heart says he is too young to navigate those elementary school halls by himself; however, logically I know he will be able to do this like a pro.

Jason and I are going to have to figure out how to add school to our morning routine. Jason spends the early morning doing his MBA coursework and typically doesn't leave the house until 7:30am. I use the morning to do my half-marathon training. We will have to figure out a way to shift everything because Jason and The Boy will have to leave the house by 7:10-7:15am every morning and I will need to help get The Boy ready for school and breakfasted before then. Options include getting up at 4:00am, moving training to Bitty's afternoon nap time, or splitting ourselves into two or three people. (Everyone who has to get kids ready, yourself ready and be out the door early in the morning. You have my respect. This is all new to me.)

The Boy did great. After some initial morning nervousness, he walked into the classroom and followed his teachers instructions. The little girl beside him really liked his Power Ranger lunchbox so he has made a new friend.
I packed his lunch yesterday. He is having ham/cheese sandwich, string cheese, apple sauce, whales, and a granola bar. His snack today is apple sauce and string cheese. I am terrified that he will get hungry. I know it is irrational. The teacher lets him keep his water bottle at his seat, so he will be able to drink whenever he gets thirsty. For this I am very grateful.

Jason took a half day so we both picked The Boy up from school. He had a great day. He kept talking about how much fun he had. He didn't finish his lunch before lunchtime was over. I just told him he would have to learn to eat a little quicker. Our family celebrated this milestone by going to Dairy Queen for ice cream. Ice cream in a cup with sprinkles is his current favorite.
All in all it was a good day. I only cried a little which is probably due to the fact that I have been crying a ton in the last 2 weeks.

Last Week's Miles: 3*

This Week's Miles: 17

Miles Completed: 113

Pounds Lost: 0

Asthma has hit me early this year. Typically, in October, I have a serious control problem. I get sick and then the asthma flares up. This will send me to specialists who dispense 10 or so medications to knock the beast back into submission. I will then spend the winter taking a couple of medicines to control my attacks. This year I got sick a few weeks ago and it has started to flare up. I should just go to the doctor, but I don't want to go on so many medicines. I keep hoping the three I have will work. Everyday activities aren't a problem...just this marathon training seems to be straining my lungs. But I WILL persevere. I am woman....all that jazz.

This weeks training is going to be a repeat of week before last. 17 miles. Not bad. I can do it.

*Miles not added into total.

We are lucky. Our boys have 4 grandparents and 5 great grandparents still around to spoil them. And spoiling them is what they do best. If you think grandparents know how to spoil little ones...well, they don't hold a candle to the great grandparents in our lives.

Here is a bit about Bitty and the Boy's Great Grandparents.

1) Cookin' MaMaw and Old PaPaw are wonderful to have around. There is always ice cream at their house. Often there is a donut stick or honey bun to go with the ice cream. My fondest memory is of the boys being given ice cream, donut sticks, a pop tart, and chips at almost 11am. Then, Papaw says, "They didn't eat much lunch. I don't know why they aren't eating." I wonder why they might not be hungry for lunch. Let me think on that for awhile. MaMaw always likes to keep a Guthrie's chicken bucket on hand for Bitty's hat. PaPaw is always keeping both boys busy with learning about chickens.

2) MaMaw the Black One and PaPaw Black One are also wonderful. The boys are spoiled with Krispy Kreme doughnuts over there. (Their names are Blackmon. Bitty started calling them the Black Ones just a week or so ago.) They also love playing in her yard and in the pond out front. MaMaw loves to take the boys to the Natural History Museum where there are dinosaurs to look at and caves to explore. PaPaw will talk to the boys about everything and anything.

3) Other Grandmama was christened such because my boys already have a Grandmama (my mom) and I call my grandmother Grandmama. So, obviously, she is the other one. She has Little Debbies to eat and Uncle Edwin to play with. Uncle Edwin likes to play jokes on people.

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