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Monday Marathon Musings

Week 25

Last Week's Miles: 35
This Week's Miles: 23
Miles Completed: 300
Pounds Lost: 3

7 weeks until the BIG DAY. I am getting very excited. I have bought and put together the outfit that I will be wearing. Pink is apparently the color of choice this year. This week I have a HUGE day. This week my long run is 12 miles. I am a bit nervous, but also excited.

I need to accomplish a few things before my 7 weeks are gone, though.

1) I need to get out and do some outdoor walking. This isn't really easy with my schedule of getting up at 3:30 am. I am still trying to figure the outside stuff out.

2) I need to get going with my Nike+ Ipod features. I would like to use them on the day of the marathon, so I need to actually open the box.

3) I need to find an armband for my new Ipod nano. Apple launched its new generation right as we bought mine. So, I got the new one. Yippee. However, it is a bear to find accessories for it.

4) I am sure there are more...I just can't think of any.


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