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I started this post the day I finished the half-marathon in Memphis. As you might have suspected, I was too exhausted and too exhillerated to sit and write. Then, the holiday season came and went.....and still I did not write down the happenings of my first (but not last) half marathon. Better late than never, right. That really should be my motto.
I was nervous. As you may remember, I was having major asthma issues leading up to the race. I had a steroid shot and some more medications the week of the race. I was taking my nebulizer daily and my rescue inhaler regularly. People were trying to be supportive but I saw the worry in their eyes. I walked across the church building to my bible study class and had to use my inhaler two times when I got there. My parents were worried. I was worried. I had many people praying. I think that my mom was praying that they would cancel the race, though. I was determined. I knew that I could do it. I had trained. I had prayed. I was ready. But still nervous.

I want to tell you that it was COLD. I knew it would be cold. The weather channel said it was going to be cold. But it was REALLY COLD. It was still below 40 when I finished the race. I had my race clothes on. I situated myself in the last corral designated for all walkers. When we began the race, I realized that I would not be the last person across this finish line. I kept my eyes on the people in front of me. I was listening to my iPod. The nice iPod lady would tell me my progress every now and again. It was great. I realized though that while the iPod lady was sort of accurate when I was at home, she was not at all accurate when outside at the race. I need to calibrate it. So, I stopped paying attention to her mileage updates and her mph updates, but I paid attention to her time updates. They motivated.

I realized that while I did occasionally have to use my inhaler. (about 7 times.) I was breathing well. I was very thankful for that fact. Breathing helps when you attempt a feat such as a half marathon.

I finished. I finished under my stretch goal. I was hoping before my breathing problems to finish in 4hours. (After my breathing issues, I revised my goal to finishing.) I finished in 3:56:14. I was proud and I was tired.

The finish line was great. It really made it seem like an Olympic event coming into the stadium and running for a short distance. I got my medal and even took a picture with Elvis. It was fantastic. I only wish there had still been pizza at the After Race food area. We went for BBQ after I showered, so it was ok.

I am so proud of myself. I can't wait to do another one. Country Music Marathon 2009. Here I come!

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