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Here are a couple of cute videos of my boys singing from Summer 2008. We were on our way home from Huntsville Int'l Airport's Airshow. We are actually watching the Blue Angels perform as we are driving out of the airport. The boys thought we needed music to go with the planes. I love how they try to harmonize.

(In these videos, Bitty is just over 2 years old. The Boy is just a tad over 5 years old.)


PS. If you are not related to them, these might not be as good. :) But I am, and I crack up every time I watch them.

(Sorry for the spacing issues. I am having trouble getting Blogger to do what I command.)

Have you joined yet?

You can collect points on different Coke products. A 20 oz bottle of Diet Coke is worth 3 points. A 12 pack of Sprite is worth 10 points. You get the drift.

Well, we have been collecting points for awhile. This week, I cashed in most of our points on two purchases. I never had to leave my house! Both will be delivered to my door in a week or less.

Here are the deals:

1) Free 8X11 Photobooks with leather cover from Snapfish.

Photobook Credit = 285 pts

4 Photobook Credits = 1140 pts

Snapfish was having a free shipping sale during the week of Labor Day. I began working on my photobooks. I did not finish even one by the end of the original sale. Luckily, Snapfish extended the offer for three days. I was able to complete two photobooks. My credits were for 20-page books. My books were 30-pages each. Here are the totals.

2 20-page photobooks


2 Extra 10-pages



$ 9.98

Free Shipping

-$ 9.98

Photobook Credits





I will keep the other two credits in my account for the next free shipping offer. Although, I think I will go ahead and make the other two photobooks now, so all I have to do is order them when the next free shipping code is released. I predict one will be released before Thanksgiving in preparation for Holiday shopping.

2) Nike Gift Codes

$50 Gift Code = 2000 pts

$25 Gift Code = 1000 pts


$75 Gift Codes = 3000 pts

I love my Nikes. I needed new running shoes. This seemed like a no-brainer for me.

Nike+ running shoes


Nike socks (1 pair)

$ 6.99



Free Shipping*


Gift Codes




Total l


Nine bucks. For a great pair of Nike running shoes and socks! (Note: The shoes were $1.15, but I decided I saved enough on the shoes that I could afford to splurge on my favorite socks.)

*As with many other sites, you can register with to have them remember your information or you can complete guest checkout. I registered mainly because I wanted my shopping cart saved just in case something prevented me from completing the process. Afterwards, I was thanked for my registering by an offer of free shipping on my next purchase.

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