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MondayMarathon Musings

Week 29

Last Week:  couldn't breath
This week: 24
Miles Completed: 370 miles
Pounds Lost:  Why should we even bother?

This week has found me trying to redo last week miles.  I am still shaky in the breathing area, but am much better.  All the prayers being said on my behalf are working.  I have to wear a headband around my mouth in order to breathe, but if that allows me to reach this milestone, it is the least of my concerns.  

Trick is how to finish my half-marathon practice run this week with Jason in New Orleans.   I am best in the morning.  So, I can get up early...around 2AM to get it done before getting The Boy ready for school.  OR I can wait until after I drop him off.   2AM until 6:30AM.  OR  8AM until noon.  You would think that it would be an easy decision.  However, it isn't easy to spend 4 hours on a treadmill while you are supposed to be caring for a 2 year old.    I have to make the decision this afternoon, so I can get the kids and I in bed early.

Wish me luck!   Pray for my breathing.


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