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This weekend was homecoming for the Auburn Tigers. For a few years, this has been the weekend that a group of college friends get together to hang out and have a good time. There are seven of us now and between us we have six children. We have a good time and are slowly learning what works with these get-togethers.

We stayed in Montgomery instead of actually in Auburn. Mainly because you really can't afford to stay in Auburn on game weekends. Another good reason is because restaurants and such are less crowded. Plus, one of the families lives just outside Montgomery, so it makes it convenient for them to travel to and from our get-togethers rather easily. The rest of us stay at the Homewood Suites. We take up a 2 bedroom unit and a 1 bedroom unit.

We got to Auburn early to let the kids play and enjoy the benefit of the Alumni Association's food tent. There are big inflatables set up in front of the Coliseum for the home games. The kids love going from one to another of these. Best thing is that they are FREE. We walked up to the food tent. The kid's especially love this. The menu is hot dogs, bagged chips, and bagged cookies. They always have a variety of sodas and bottled water to choose from. On a sad note, this year kid's over 3 had to pay $5 to get in and guests had to pay $10. Luckily, we only have 2 kids that are over 3, so still $5 for a family of 4 to eat at the game is not too bad.

This year, we decided not to buy tickets beforehand. Only a couple of us really cared about going to the game and we figured we could find cheap tickets when we got there. The day we left, my mother in law gave us her tickets. We figured that the men could go while the ladies hung out with the kids. While we were eating a nice woman gave us 3 tickets, this was helpful because the two older boys by this time wanted to go to the game . So, we had nine people and five tickets. We decided to try and buy the other 4 tickets really cheap. Within minutes, two different people GAVE us two tickets. We got all nine tickets for FREE. This in nice because when the kids get tired of being at the game before half-time, you don't feel so bad about leaving. We stayed as long as the kids wanted without the guilt of wasting money on tickets. It was perfection.
Then we toured and hung out at the new student union. We went shopping at the AU Bookstore. It was a fun day. We parked in the perfect spot. We rode the transit bus to and from our cars, so traffic wasn't even too bad.

Here are a few things that I have learned.

1)Don't bring camp chairs because you won't want to lug them across campus (they never left our trunk.)
2) Don't bring a huge quilt. See above about lugging it around. Bring plastic tablecloths or something easily folded to a size that will go into a backpack.

3) Bring a Frisbee and a couple balls. (We remembered the balls, but not the Frisbee.)


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