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Monday Marathon Musings

Last Week's Miles: 3*

This Week's Miles: 17

Miles Completed: 113

Pounds Lost: 0

Asthma has hit me early this year. Typically, in October, I have a serious control problem. I get sick and then the asthma flares up. This will send me to specialists who dispense 10 or so medications to knock the beast back into submission. I will then spend the winter taking a couple of medicines to control my attacks. This year I got sick a few weeks ago and it has started to flare up. I should just go to the doctor, but I don't want to go on so many medicines. I keep hoping the three I have will work. Everyday activities aren't a problem...just this marathon training seems to be straining my lungs. But I WILL persevere. I am woman....all that jazz.

This weeks training is going to be a repeat of week before last. 17 miles. Not bad. I can do it.

*Miles not added into total.


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