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We are lucky. Our boys have 4 grandparents and 5 great grandparents still around to spoil them. And spoiling them is what they do best. If you think grandparents know how to spoil little ones...well, they don't hold a candle to the great grandparents in our lives.

Here is a bit about Bitty and the Boy's Great Grandparents.

1) Cookin' MaMaw and Old PaPaw are wonderful to have around. There is always ice cream at their house. Often there is a donut stick or honey bun to go with the ice cream. My fondest memory is of the boys being given ice cream, donut sticks, a pop tart, and chips at almost 11am. Then, Papaw says, "They didn't eat much lunch. I don't know why they aren't eating." I wonder why they might not be hungry for lunch. Let me think on that for awhile. MaMaw always likes to keep a Guthrie's chicken bucket on hand for Bitty's hat. PaPaw is always keeping both boys busy with learning about chickens.

2) MaMaw the Black One and PaPaw Black One are also wonderful. The boys are spoiled with Krispy Kreme doughnuts over there. (Their names are Blackmon. Bitty started calling them the Black Ones just a week or so ago.) They also love playing in her yard and in the pond out front. MaMaw loves to take the boys to the Natural History Museum where there are dinosaurs to look at and caves to explore. PaPaw will talk to the boys about everything and anything.

3) Other Grandmama was christened such because my boys already have a Grandmama (my mom) and I call my grandmother Grandmama. So, obviously, she is the other one. She has Little Debbies to eat and Uncle Edwin to play with. Uncle Edwin likes to play jokes on people.


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