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Lights, Camera, Bitty!

I enjoy saving electricity. It makes my power bill a little cheaper and it doesn't feel so wasteful. I try to do a good job of teaching the boys not to be wasteful as well. I am miserably failing when it comes to Bitty. You see he is now getting tall enough to turn the light switches on/off by himself. He adores turning the lights on. I really usually don't mind this because he is typically in the room in which this lights on/off thing is happening. Lately, though, he has become sneaky. His favorite two switches are the garage light and the outside floodlight. How am I suppose to know that they lights are on all day, I ask you? I have now become obsessed with checking these switches all day long.

Bitty is funny. He lights up the room when he dances and sings. He is shy when being recorded, though. Today, he was singing and dancing the "Hot Dog" song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I grabbed my camera and hit record. The video I got was a boy staring at me blankly. He only spoke once when he said, "No dance, my mommy." I am going to have to get a hidden camera to catch this child off guard.


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