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Once upon a time, a group of friends and I went to Six Flags of Georgia. I bought this Sylvester mug as a souvenir --now it is filled with this morning's yummy coffee. I remember parts of the day as vividly as if they were happening now. I am sure that there are parts that I do not remember at all. Still, I love remembering, so this is one of my favorite mugs in my cupboard.

I wanted to share some memories of carefree days long past. Mostly so I can always remember that I had a great time that day. I had my first and last real roller coaster ride. Thanks Lisa for not letting me die. :) I enjoyed the Mine Train which seems to no longer be in operation. It was a mini-coaster that was really rickety as you would expect an old mine train to be. I loved it. I would have ridden it all day long, but my companions wanted to ride real rides. Did I ride the Mine Train with Laurie? I don't remember. I do remember I rode the Scream Machine with Lisa. She was gracious enough to sense real fear and not make too much fun of my fear at the moment. Suffice to say no one really wants me to be that scared. It is not pretty.

I don't remember the exact date. It was my freshman year at Auburn University. Laurie was a freshman at Oglethorpe University that year and we met her in Atlanta. It was one of the few road trips that we made in college. I hope to be able to teach my children that not only is college a time for study and learning, but is also a time have fun and enjoy carefree days with good friends. Those friends are still with me today even though we are miles apart.

Thank you Lisa-Laurie-John-Chris for making me go on my first roller coaster.

(and thank you for not making me go on another.)


Someone you manged to crawl into my lap on the Scream Machine, even though it has those metal over the shoulder restraints. I still have no idea how. In the picture you were IN MY SEAT.

January 15, 2009 at 7:10 PM  

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