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Have you joined yet?

You can collect points on different Coke products. A 20 oz bottle of Diet Coke is worth 3 points. A 12 pack of Sprite is worth 10 points. You get the drift.

Well, we have been collecting points for awhile. This week, I cashed in most of our points on two purchases. I never had to leave my house! Both will be delivered to my door in a week or less.

Here are the deals:

1) Free 8X11 Photobooks with leather cover from Snapfish.

Photobook Credit = 285 pts

4 Photobook Credits = 1140 pts

Snapfish was having a free shipping sale during the week of Labor Day. I began working on my photobooks. I did not finish even one by the end of the original sale. Luckily, Snapfish extended the offer for three days. I was able to complete two photobooks. My credits were for 20-page books. My books were 30-pages each. Here are the totals.

2 20-page photobooks


2 Extra 10-pages



$ 9.98

Free Shipping

-$ 9.98

Photobook Credits





I will keep the other two credits in my account for the next free shipping offer. Although, I think I will go ahead and make the other two photobooks now, so all I have to do is order them when the next free shipping code is released. I predict one will be released before Thanksgiving in preparation for Holiday shopping.

2) Nike Gift Codes

$50 Gift Code = 2000 pts

$25 Gift Code = 1000 pts


$75 Gift Codes = 3000 pts

I love my Nikes. I needed new running shoes. This seemed like a no-brainer for me.

Nike+ running shoes


Nike socks (1 pair)

$ 6.99



Free Shipping*


Gift Codes




Total l


Nine bucks. For a great pair of Nike running shoes and socks! (Note: The shoes were $1.15, but I decided I saved enough on the shoes that I could afford to splurge on my favorite socks.)

*As with many other sites, you can register with to have them remember your information or you can complete guest checkout. I registered mainly because I wanted my shopping cart saved just in case something prevented me from completing the process. Afterwards, I was thanked for my registering by an offer of free shipping on my next purchase.


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