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A bit about myself...

Awhile ago, I read this book about running a marathon by Dawn Dais. Well, I hit the road running so to speak and I am on my way to walking a half-marathon. I have been training for 10weeks. This week I have finally begun to feel like I am training for a long distance event. This week I moved from walking a preappointed number of minutes to walking a defined distance. I did 6 miles over the weekend and I will do 11 miles more before the week is out. I am excited and pumped. Maybe now I will start actually losing some weight. My husband swears he can see a difference in my body whether or not there is a difference at the scale.

I am slowly getting my running/walking gear together. I recently went out and bought some good running shoes. My feet were hurting with my not-so-old New Balances. The friend who is running the half with me had raved about her Nikes and I decided to give them a try. I am in love with these shoes. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. You can buy a package that allows you to put a sensor in your shoes and then connect an adaptor to your IPOD nano to get your running statistics. However, I only have a regular IPOD and haven't decided whether to purchase a nano just for my walking. At any rate I will never go back to New Balances, no matter what the price difference is between them.


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