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My BittyBoy is such a strong willed little boy. At 21 months, he is all about possession. My Mommy. My Daddy. My Milk. My Juice. You can catch my drift. On Thursday, he and I went on an errand while The Boy was in school. In the car, I was listening to some talk radio and heard him in the backseat saying, "No, my ball. NO, MY BALL." Again. And again. Well, it took me about the tenth time of him repeating this to realize that he was by himself back there. I started wondering who had his ball. I moved my rearview mirron and saw him staring at his sippy cup. (His cup's top is Curious George holding a beach ball.) He told George, "No, my ball. NO, MY BALL." And tried to pry the beach ball from little George's plastic hands.

Needless to say, George did not give the Bitty his ball back.


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